Photo Scavenger Hunt

NOTE: This game has now ended. Thanks to everyone for playing!
Welcome to the Data Game! In the book, Data, A Love Story, Amy Webb uses math and her own set of formulas to find true love. Now you can use math and points over the next week to claim fun prizes and swag. So grab your copy of the book, a digital camera and a friend, and we’ll see you and your data at the finish line!

We’re giving away many of the quirky items mentioned in the book…along with an online makeover shopping spree!
  • 280 or more points = $250 Banana Republic shopping spree!
  • 250 points = Ravens Brew Coffee package. Three Peckered Billy Goat coffee package featured in the book — includes coffee mug and Ravens Brew coffee.
  • 200 points = Set of 3 High Tec C pens featured in the book
  • 100 points = First Edition signed copy of Data for you or a friend.
  • 70 points = Data, A Love Story cancer awareness t-shirt
  1. Photo competition will run from January 31, 2013 - midnight E.S.T. on March 27, 2013.
  2. All photos must be current and timestamped (physically if you’re still on film, otherwise in the metadata).
  3. *You* must be in every single photo item - Please include a photo of yourself (it can be cropped from the shoulders up - just so we know whose face to be looking for) as the 1st photo in the gallery.
  4. Upload as you go! You can upload your photos to either your own Flickr account or to our Facebook Page. Always make sure to include “Data Love Story” in your gallery name. Please label your pictures with the name of the item from the list so we know which item it is and how many points it was worth (ex: GeorgeMichael50, AmyWebb15). If you’ve scored bonus points, please include that info in the caption.
  5. When you’ve reached one of the prize benchmarks, tally up your score and e-mail us ( with a link to your Flickr gallery or Facebook posts, your name, and your score. We’ll email you right back to get your mailing address so we can send your prizes!


Bonus points: +50 points each

  • Photo of you with George Michael
  • Photo of you in Petra, Jordan, where Amy and Brian got engaged
  • Photo of you proposing to someone you met via online dating OR being proposed to

Top tier: 20 points each

  • Photo at a George Michael concert or related event
  • Photo of you at a Data, A Love Story event — 15 extra points if the photo is with Amy
  • Photo of yourself in a Banana Republic dressing room — 10 extra points if you’re trying on a date-night outfit chosen for you by a store manager (and photographed with the manager)
  • Photo with your partner, spouse or flave of the day riding Amtrak 
  • Photo of you leading a team of friends (3 or more) to purchase copies of Data, A Love Story at your favorite bookstore 

Middle tier: 10 points each

  • Photo of you with Amy Webb at a non-DataLoveStory event
  • Photo of you with a couple who met online and are getting married — 10 bonus points if the photo is on their actual wedding day
  • Photo of you at your favorite eye doctor’s office — 5 bonus if your fave eye doc is in the actual photo
  • Photo at a Body Worlds (or similar) exhibit
  • Photo of you at Raven’s Brew Coffee in Alaska
  • Photo of your own dating list/matrix
  • Stage your own profile picture photo shoot, grab a photo of the photoshoot (not just the new profile pictures—actual action shots needed here)
  • Photo of your own copy of Data, A Love Story (in stores and online)

Bottom tier: 5 points each

  • Photo of you on a first date with someone you met online
  • Photo of you marrying someone you met online (this one does *not* need to be within the timeframe of the game)
  • Photo at the Ben Franklin Institute, where Brian and Amy had their first date
  • Screenshot of your current online dating profile
  • Photo of you with some form of Team Data swag
  • Hand-drawn chart or graphic — 2 bonus points if it’s specifically dating-related (can submit up to three entries for this category)
  • Photo of you at a cancer awareness or fundraising event
  • Photo with your very favorite pens — and a one-sentence explanation in the caption about why they are your favorite and how long you have been favoring them. 
  • Photo of your date-night-outfit organization system
  • Photo of you holding a sign with your online dating profile username
  • Request a Togather author event to have your bookclub host Amy for a gathering (screenshot the request)
  • Photo of you asking your favorite local bookstore to request an author event with Amy 

There are no prize limits, so have fun and good luck!

Questions? Send an email to