Online dating site…for your Jewish mother

That’s right. There’s a dating site promising to help your Jewish mother find you true love. It’s called, and their tagline is “Who knows their children better than they know themselves? Their parents!”

Parents sign up and then enter information about their child. They don’t connect with would-be daters themselves, but instead initial communication happens between parents. Eventually, parents can set their children up on a casual date.

If (and only if!) you have the emotional strength, send this link to your Yiddishe Mama. 

The perils of dating while Republican in Washington, DC.

She “broke up with me over an op-ed I wrote,” Tim recently told The Huffington Post. “After that, I just disclosed up front in the profile, and got several ‘Thanks for your note, you seem interesting, but I can’t imagine dating a Republican.’”

Looking for love can be fraught experience. But in the nation’s capital, it seems that being a single straight Republican can be an especially lonely endeavor.

"Part of it is the demographics," says a 41-year old female journalist who describes herself as an opinionated sports-lover and asked to be identified as "Funky Keys Crescent." (It’s her theoretical porn name.)

Indeed, in 2011, Bloomberg reported that D.C. has a higher ratio of single women to men than any of the 50 states — add to that Barack Obama taking 93 percent of D.C.’s 2008 presidential vote and female Republicans who want to date ideologically similar men face bad odds.

Crescent is open to cross-party romance, but meeting eligible Dems has also proved problematic — Crescent’s dates are mostly set-up by friends, themselves Republicans. So she’s single, despite what would appear to be perfectly reasonable standards.

"Primarily I’m looking for a heterosexual with a good sense of humor," she says. "And preferably not a lot of debt."

Shoshana, a 40-year-old fundraiser for right-leaning think tanks — also open to dating across the aisle but didn’t want to be identified by her real name — says gender is the problem. More specifically, because “you really have to work harder than men in this town,” she says. “I say that as a conservative, not at all as a radical feminist.”

Working hard means having less time for dating. “I think that I have been pickier about who I have been willing to spend my time with,” she says. “I think we use our time differently when you’re a woman working in conservative politics.”

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