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This interview may ring true for some of you — those who’ve eventually realized they’re looking for love in all the wrong places.

If that sounds familiar, then you’ll relate to Amy Webb's story, in which she tries and fails in online dating — and tries again. And this time, she does those matching algorithms of those online dating sites one better. Her new book is called “Data: A Love Story.”…

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After many epically bad dates, Amy Webb decided to change her approach. She had been set up by family members for so long it seemed that the Internet would be a more successful venue for finding Mr. Right. While it was more efficient, the dates were still awful. She just wasn’t finding her perfect man, which she said was Michael Bluth from Arrested Development meets Larry David. Her findings and process were documented in her book, Data: A Love Story.

Amy’s the Lady Geek Of The Week!

But perhaps the reason why we love her the best is that she recently authored “Data, A Love Story.” After attempting – and failing – to find love via online dating, she took matters into her own hands. Or rather, the hands of her male alter ego. Using digital strategy and sharp intellect, she met her ideal man (now husband!). And for the benefit of her fellow lady geeks, she turned her story into a written memoir… Read more here.image

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Data, like diamonds, can be mined. But is data forever? Or, in other words, can you find love by creating a data-based algorithm for online dating sites like That’s how Amy Webb found her husband. She documents her digital romance in a new book, “Data, a Love Story.” But Christine Rosen is skeptical. The Schwartz Fellow is writing a book that cautions against using too much tech to mediate human experiences– arguing that Yelp and Match.Com may be stealing away the serendipitous experiences that enrich our lives.   On this podcast, listen to the two discuss dating psychology, the danger of marketing ourselves as “products” online, and how the “tyranny of choice” impacts finding a mate.

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Hacking + Data = Love

Online dating is weird as hell. You’d think this wouldn’t be the case. After all, the algorithms that connect people on dating sites aren’t theoretically all that different from the ones that power search engines and generate billions in revenue. So why is online dating still such a thoroughly imperfect experience? 

Amy Webb, like so many others, learned just how flawed the science of online dating is by going on a series of comically awkward dates with some pretty unbelievable characters.

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“Online dating sites are excellent places to find casual and serious long-term relationships, but only if you have a plan first,” Webb told “I don’t advocate crunching numbers like I did, but I do strongly recommend that you start off with a list. What, exactly, are you looking for in a partner? Be extremely specific, even when it feels embarrassing…If having someone who’s three inches taller than you is important, for whatever reason, then write that down. If you absolutely cannot stand cats, write that down, too. Don’t self-edit.”

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Algorithms don’t work. They can’t work…we’re too nuanced. Make your own criteria, and stick up for what you want. Be demanding, and don’t back down until you find what you’re looking for.

This is an excerpt that aired on The Jewish Channel the week of November 19, 2012.