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Amy Webb’s TED talk about “Data: A Love Story,” the importance of being picky and going after want you want fearlessly and relentlessly.

See her data, learn all about her bad dates and find out the best way to create your own super profile in this funny, irreverent and poignant speech.

Watch the official Data, A Love Story trailer, directed by Ben Hickernell!

Trivia: His wife, Juliet, is the Juliet from the book! And that’s Brian at the very end, playing himself!

Mark your calendars!

Introducing: The Data, A Love Story Photo Scavenger Hunt

Team Data is kicking off our biggest adventure yet on January 31st, the day the book officially launches. 
Break out your cameras or smartphones and block off some time between January 31st and February 7th to play along. 
Read the book, learn how Amy used math and formulas to find true love, and then you can use math and points to earn fun prizes. 
Check back Thursday morning for the full details! 


I want to tell you from the outset that my story has a happy ending. I eventually met the man of my dreams, and we had a storybook wedding. We started a family, bought a great house, and are in the process of living happily ever after.

But for many years, I dated the wrong men, and though we were initially happy, all of my relationships came to a pretty terrible end. In between, I patiently agreed to be set up, I went to bars and clubs, and even tried “least expecting” my way into true love. After a particularly bad date one night, which culminated in my drinking half of a bottle of wine and scribbling a whole bunch of formulas and theories down on notebook paper like a crazed mad scientist, I realized that we’ve all been going about finding our matches the wrong way. Whether we’re dating in the real world or online, we’re relying too much now on hope and happenstance. And these days, algorithms, too. 

What if I was able to magially create the man of my dreams